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Flux Cored Wires 

COR™NICKEL N Series for Nickel Base Fabrication Wires
COR™FORGE F Series for Forging overlays subjected to
  high temperatures and pressures
COR™LOY L Series for Alloy Steel Repair
CORBALT C Series for Stellite ** Grade materials
CORSTAIN S Series for Stainless Steel Alloys
CORFACE H Series for Hardfacing
CORMAIN M Series for Plant Maintenance and Repair
CORTOOL T Series for Tool Steel


Stick Electrodes

COR™NICKEL Nickel Base Electrodes
COR™FORGE Forging overlay Electrodes subjected to
  high temperatures and pressures
COR™FACE Hardfacing wear resistant alloys
COR™MAIN Plant Maintenance and Repair Electrodes
COR™LOY Alloy steel Repair Electrodes
COR™BALT Stellite ** grade Electrodes
COR™STAIN Stainless Steel Electrodes
COR™TOOL Tool Steel Electrodes


      Solid Wire Tig & Mig