Tool Steel

Title Description Classification Physicals Data Sheet
62 FC Used to repair and reclaim AISI M-1 and M-2 high-speed tool steels. Also used to build composite parts, or give a M2 wear surface on a less expensive base material. AISI M-2 tool steel 59-63 Rc as welded Data Sheet
420 SWT A 400 series martinsitic stainless used for mold and die repair, and repair of 420 stainless. AISI 420 51-54 Rc as welded
4130 SWT Can be used for the repair of 4130 alloys. Can be flame hardened to 50+ Rc. AISI 4130 30-35 Rc as welded
6201 FC High hardness weld deposit with minimal cracking that withstands severe abrasion. AISI M-1 tool steel 59-63 Rc as welded Data Sheet
A-2 SWT For repair and fabrication of air hardening grades of tool steel. Can be used on extrusion dies, blanking dies, punches and trim dies. AISI A-2 50-55 Rc as welded
D2 MC A metal-cored, air hardening AISI D2 alloy available in gas shielded, and TIG wires. The weld deposit is fully heat treatable. AISI D2 38-42 as welded 58-62 Rc heat-treated Data Sheet
F54 SWT Machinable 5% Chrome hot work tool steel. Very suitable for die casting dies, extrusion dies and forging dies. 5% Cr hot work tool steel 30-35 Rc as welded
H-12 SWT Excellent all purpose alloy for hot and cold working tools. This 5% chrome alloy is a good choice for hot and cold trim dies, shear knives, punches and forging dies. AISI H-12 53-57 Rc as welded
H12 MC A metal-corded, H-12 hot work alloy designed to provide wear resistant deposits. This alloy performs especially well when rebuilding worn edges of hot trim dies. AISI H-12 50-55 Rc as welded Data Sheet
M-2 SWT AISI M2 tool steel. For repair of M2 and D2 tool steel. Used in forming dies, knives, shear blades and drills. AISI M2 60-64 Rc as welded
M-250 SWT Maraging 250 alloy. This alloy generates deposits that are 30-32 Rc and machinable as welded. Age hardening at 950˚F will increase hardness up to 49-51 Rc. Yield Strength of 250,000 psi. UNS# K92890 ASTM A538/A53M (B) 30-32 Rc as welded
P-20 SWT AISI P-20 alloy for repair of plastic molds where a color match is needed. Tempers to 30-35 Rc. AISI P-20 30-40 Rc as welded
S-7 SWT Shock resistant tool steel that is a "bearcat" on cold applications. Excellent for fabrication and repair of cold working tools including trim dies, cold shear knives and punches. AISI S-7 54-57 Rc as welded
S7 MC A metal-cored, shock resistant AISI S-7 alloy, and is available in gas shielded, and TIG wires. AISI S-7 54-58 Rc as welded Data Sheet
T67 MC-T This alloy is an excellent choice for touching up flash lines that see excessive wear at high heats. AISI H19 50-55 Rc as welded

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